How can I check the mailbox size in Outlook

How can I check the mailbox size in Outlook?

How can I check the mailbox size in Outlook Note: A warning will be sent to all Exchange users when their mailboxes are almost at full capacity (100Mb of space left). The server will then prohibit users from sending and receiving emails.

If after deleting data from Outlook, the mailbox size is still large, it is advised to empty the deleted items folder from OWA. 

Check mailbox size:

How you can check the size of your mailbox and the size of each (sub) folder. This

valuable information can be used to clean up an over-sized mailbox.

  1. Be sure the Folder List is visible: Choose View > Navigation Pane (or use the shortcut ‘ALT+F1’)

Outlook size

2. In the Folder List, select the properties of your mailbox: Right-click ‘Mailbox’.On the pop-up window select ‘Properties for “Mailbox “.

Outlook Properties

3. Check the Folder Size of the available folders: On the General tab, choose ‘Folder Size …’

You can view the Folder size of the:

  • Local Data (cached data size)
  • Server Data (data size on the mail server)
Outlook Email Size

Note: Your subfolders are included in the size of the mailbox.