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About Us

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Sometime back, we considered academic education as everything. School education seemed to be important. And then find out that Academic Education simply teaches a skill and nothing else. We need this kind of knowledge to learn to use skills. We live with people, learns the ways of behaving from them. In the same way, we need this kind of knowledge to use the abilities properly.

Some time ago my organization showed it to me, went to one of their seminars, and saw it, and then slowly everything started to change. The qualifications we had wasted, learn to use them make life a bit different. I had heard a story in which 2 loggers (Woodcutter’s) used to cut wood from the forest. One of them used to sharpen his axe every day and the other would come and rest. The result was that the axe was sharpened daily, bringing the most wood. So we just have to learn to sharpen our axe with this education or concept.

Sthaavar Sangrahalaya is a trusted and compassionate online resource that provides the guidance you need to improve your mental health and find balance.  has been written by more than 100 professionals and industry experts including experienced social workers, we give you the resources you need to feel happy and healthy.

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